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We have worked with many leading industries and markets including :


*  Passive fire protection systems

*  Glass and Glazing

*  Fire Doors

*  Modular construction

*  Cold stores

*  Fire escapes

*  H&V

*  Plumbing

*  Marine

*  Formula One

*  Automotive

*  Aerospace

*  Lighting

*  Heritage building upgrades


We have been the market leaders for over 37 years in the manufacturing and supplying of all types of Ceramic Tapes, Non Ceramic Tapes, Intumescent  tapes, and fire rated seals and gaskets for the window and door industry, including bespoke thermal insulation products that can be tailored to suit any business, regardless of size.


We have achieved our market position by maintaining a quality product structure, an acute interest in the customer's requirements and satisfaction, and total specialization in the insulation market.



Please choose from one of our products and find out how Fireprotect can start working with you today.


If you can’t find what your looking for and need more information, please use our contact page, or simply just give us a call !


Worldwide Distribution

Ceramic Tape

Intumescent Tape

Glazing Tape

Ceramic Glazing Tape

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FCL-Intumescent Tape

FCL-Ceramic/Non Ceramic Glazing Tape

FCL-Non Ceramic Black Glazing Tape

Whilst the materials we use and manufacture are generally suitable for most applications, they sometimes need a little “Tweeking” to meet a customers exact needs.


As we are manufacturers, we can make our products to suit your application.


Tapes can be supplied in cut lengths, or supplied as pieces in cut form, packed in which ever way best suits you.


We also have facilities for wet and dry lamination, using self adhesive backings or our FCL-007 adhesive for very high temperature situations.


We can use our FCL 100 paint (which has Lloyds Register of Shipping Certificate) in conjunction with papers, felts, blankets and boards, using either spraying or dipping methods.


We have designed heat shields and systems for F1 teams, JCB, Massey Fergusson, Automotive and Aerospace companies to name but a few.


If you need help with a design project, where you cant find the perfect solution, please give us a ring, or fill in the contact us form and we can begin working with you, secure in the knowledge of total confidentiality.