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Right.... that's it!      We decided a few months ago that we need to play our part in protecting the planet!  

Previously, we've asked customers to only have rolls of tape bagged if it is essential, and for some it is, but we know that on  occasons, even with the best intentions these bags must end up blowing around building sites, and they never fully degrade.  We felt that wasn't right and we needed to think about how we can solve that problem.  We still would prefer customers to have paper interleaves between the rolls of tape as this is the best solution.  Of course, the bags we use are only part of the issue, so this got us to thinking about what more we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle!


So.... we've swapped our polythene bags for biodegradable ones, changed our pallet stretch wrap for a more eco friendly version, we now staple our boxes or use gummed paper tape instead of plastic box tape and we're looking into a new pallet strapping which is made from plant derivatives.


We are making sure that when at all possible, everything we buy packing wise is reused and we're asking our supplers to only use essential packaging.


We're also checking to make sure that everything that we buy in is going to be from a sustainable source or will not be damaging to the environment, obviously this isn't possible at the moment for everything we use, but we're asking our suppliers to work with us to make their products part of the circular economy as much as we are.


This is a work in progress and we're open to any help or ideas that our customers and suppliers may have to enable us to be part of this bigger picture.



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This is a worldwide event where gentleman and gentlewomen get their dapper clothes on and ride their motorbikes raising funds for prostate cancer and raising awareness about mens mental health issues.


Statistics show that one man commits suicide every minute of every day and this needs to stop!


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Together let’s help raise money to help these gentle folks.