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Manufacturers & Suppliers of Passive Fire Protection Products



FCL-FS30 is an Intumescent Strip Sealant which can provide 30 minutes resistance to the passage of fire and smoke when used to glaze a wide variety of glass types into internal doors and softwood or hardwood timber screens.



FCL-FS30 offers the following benefits :-


** Fully tested to provide 30 minutes resistance to the passage of fire and smoke in timber doors and screens.


** Quick, clean and easy to apply.


** BWF Certifire Scheme Certificate No. CF297 for use in timber screens and    doors for periods of 30 minutes fire resistance.


** Excellent high tack surface provides good adhesion.


** Tested with a wide variety of non-insulating and insulating glass types.


** Can be overcoated with paints and decorative wood stains.


** Very cost effective compared to other rigid/semi-rigid fire resistant materials.


** Non-toxic.



FCL-FS30 is available in :-


** Colour White & Mahogany


** Thickness 3mm


** Width  12mm


** Length 15mts



For test evidence and further information, please contact us.

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