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Manufacturers & Suppliers of Passive Fire Protection Products

FCL Protect-A-Shield


FCL-Protect-A-Shield is a fibrous ceramic paper coated with a low-toxic polymeric type adhesive system.  An aluminium reflective foil is bonded to the exposed surface.  The inner surface has a release paper that can removed to reveal a pressure sensitive adhesive system that can be used to locate the shield to a horizontal, vertical or curved surface.




FCL Protect-A-Shield offers the following benefits :-


-  High temperature stability up to 1000°C


- Simple to wrap, shape or cut


- Speed and ease of installation


- Continued flexibility of adhesive system and paper without ageing.        





FCL Protect-A-Shield is available in :-


Sheet sizes up to 600mm wide and in 1 metre lengths.


Thickness :- 2mm - 6mm


Also available in board form, details on request.

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