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Intumescent Sealant


Lorient Intumescent Sealant is a versatile seal solution to fill gaps and movement joints; and for use where rigid seals are impractical.


When exposed to fire, Lorient Intumescent Sealant

expands in volume to fill all cavities; providing a

necessary hot smoke seal.

It is suitable for sealing gaps between fire resistant

walls and floors, between conduits and walls/floors

and between fire resistant walls and structural

supports. Lorient Intumescent sealant is also

recommended for sealing the perimeter of fire and

smoke resistant damper/air transfer grilles.


Key benefits


Successfully fire tested in accordance with

BS 476 Pt. 20:1987.


It can provide effective acoustic containment.


Specially formulated for adhesion to a wide range of

materials including: wood; metal; plastic; concrete;

masonry and plasterboard materials.


Flexible - it tolerates differential movement in

everyday service.


Water based - therefore easy to clean up.

It can be neatly injected into otherwise

inaccessible areas.


Smooth gunnability and tool off finish.


Paintable (if the sealant is to be overpainted,

Building Regulations may require a fire resistant



Range of colours; white as standard.





Supplied in individual 310cc cartridges or in boxes of 25 units.

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Data Sheet

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Instructions for use


1. Surfaces should be free from oil and dust.


2. Very porous surfaces should be dampened

before application.


3. Cut nozzle to achieve suitable bead size.


4. Apply to joint or cavity, being careful to avoid

entrapped air or bubbles.


5. Large joints, but not exceeding 25mm, can

be built up with additional applications after

initial drying, in order to avoid excessive

slump. For joints in excess of 25mm, packing

with non-combustible material such as

mineral wool should be carried out.


6. Surface may be dressed with a wet spatula

if required and will be tack-free in

approximately 20 minutes.


7. Clean tools with water immediately after use.


8. Overpainting, if required, may be carried out

after 48 hours, using any conventional paint






Store in cool dry conditions between 5°C and 25°C.

Do not allow to freeze.

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