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Non Ceramic Glazing Tapes are manufactured from body soluble fibres and specially selected binders to give a flexible tape with low thermal conductivity and good mechanical strength.  They have a temperature range stability of up to 1200ºC (paper only, self adhesive backing can only withstand around 120 ºC), and are designed with the end user in mind.
Non Ceramic Glazing Tape White
Non Ceramic Black Glazing Tape is made from very high quality body soluble fibrous material, which uses long fibers with a low percentage of organic binders.  It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is easily cut to size. Withstanding constant working temperatures of 1000deg C, its classification temperature is 1200 deg C.
Non Ceramic Glazing Tape Black
Ceramic Glazing Tape is made from ceramic fibre paper which has a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper for ease of handling.  It will easily adhere to most clean, dry surface types including glass, metal and plastic laminates.  It is ideal for use as a bedding material for fire resistant glazing systems in commercial buildings and fire doors.
Ceramic Glazing Tape White
Intumescent Tape is made from a graphite based, intumescent paper with a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper.  It can easily be adhered to most clean surface types including glass, metals and plastic laminates.  The reinforcing fibres on the product are classified for thermal insulation applications up to 1000 °C. (The classification temperature is based on limited irreversible linear change within a specified time, normally 24 hours.  Classification temperature is not a definition of the operational limits of the product.
Intumescent Tape 60853
Glazing Setting Blocks are an impregnating glazing block based on inorganic oxides. They do not contain any artificial mineral fibres.
Glazing Setting Blocks
Lorient Intumescent Sealant is a versatile seal solution to fill gaps and movement joints; and for use where rigid seals are impractical. When exposed to fire, Lorient Intumescent Sealant expands in volume to fill all cavities; providing a necessary hot smoke seal. It is suitable for sealing gaps between fire resistant
Lorient Intumescent Sealant
Plumbing / Welding Pads consists of a high quality body soluble felt faced with a fire retardant silica cloth, the whole composite held together with glass tape and fire retardant thread to form a sealed envelope for the fibres.
Plumbing / Welding Pads
Ceramic Paper 1260 Grade is manufactured from high purity refractory fibres and designed for high temperature insulation. Advanced production techniques ensure uniform fibre distribution and
Ceramic Paper 1260 Grade
Superwool® HT Blanket is made of Superwool® HT long fibres. It exhibits outstanding insulating properties at elevated temperatures. Superwool® HT Blanket has an excellent thermal stability
Superwool HT Blanket

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