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Fire Rated Blankets

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Fire Rated Boards
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Pyroplex Intumescent Fire and Smoke Door Seal 4mm x 15mm x 2100mm
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Intumescent Pipe Collar

About us

We have been the market leaders for over 40 years in the manufacturing and supplying of all types of Ceramic Tapes, Ceramic free Tapes (Superwool), Intumescent  tapes, and fire rated seals and gaskets for the fire rated window and door industry, including bespoke thermal insulation products that can be tailored to suit any business, regardless of size.

We have achieved our market position by maintaining a quality product structure, an acute interest in the customer's requirements and satisfaction, and total specialization in the insulation market.
Please take a look at our product list above as we are adding more all the time, if what you are looking for is not there please call us as we can probably source it for you taking away all the hassle.

Whilst the materials we use and manufacture are generally suitable for most applications, they sometimes need a little “Tweaking” to meet a customers exact needs. So please use the form below if you need any more info or just simply give us a call and we'll guide you to the product that most suits your application.

What is Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is a phrase which refers to materials which are built onto structures to slow down or stop fire from spreading.   The purpose of which is mainly to give as much time as possible to enable evacuation of the building to get people to safety and also to save as much as the property as possible by stopping the fire taking hold.


This can be done in many ways using many kinds of products, obviously depending on what building materials you are using or protecting.


There are a wide range of materials called intumescents, these increase in size when subjected to heat and can exert enough pressure to crush a plastic pipe during a fire to close the pipe completely and stop and fire and smoke traveling through the pipe to another room or level.  The same intumescent material can be used as a thin strip around the edges of doors and windows, around letter boxes and hinges etc, to provide fire and smoke seals in fire rated doors.  There are many products that have been tested together and care should be taken to make sure the correct products are used in the right locations to provide full protection.  Using the wrong materials can cost lives!


When you think about it, smoke and fire can penetrate the smallest of gaps and as we all know smoke can kill in a very short amount of time, buying time is what passive fire protection is all about, making sure all gaps will be sealed correctly in the event of a fire is simple, but takes some thought. 


We are happy to advise which products would be the best for your application.

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