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Fire Rated Window & Door Seals

Fire Rated Blankets

Fire Rated Blankets

Fire Rated Papers

Fire Rated Papers

Intumescent Products

Intumescent Products

Fire Rated Tapes, Gaskets and Seals
Fire Rated Tapes / Gaskets and Seals
Fire Rated Boards
Fire Rated Boards
Fire Rated Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics, Paint & Expanding Foams
Fire Rated Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics, Paint & Expanding Foams
Passive Fire Protection Products
Passive Fire Protection Products

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Cut Shape
Cut Gaskits
Passive Fire Protection

About us

We have been the market leaders for over 40 years in the manufacturing and supplying of all types of Ceramic Tapes, Ceramic free Tapes (Superwool), Intumescent  tapes, and fire rated seals and gaskets for the fire rated window and door industry, including bespoke thermal insulation products that can be tailored to suit any business, regardless of size.

We have achieved our market position by maintaining a quality product structure, an acute interest in the customer's requirements and satisfaction, and total specialization in the insulation market.
Please take a look at our product list above as we are adding more all the time, if what you are looking for is not there please call us as we can probably source it for you taking away all the hassle.

Whilst the materials we use and manufacture are generally suitable for most applications, they sometimes need a little “Tweaking” to meet a customers exact needs. So please use the form below if you need any more info or just simply give us a call and we'll guide you to the product that most suits your application.

What is Passive Fire Protection


When it comes to safeguarding lives and protecting valuable assets, passive fire protection plays a critical role. Passive fire protection systems are designed to contain and delay the spread of fire, providing vital time for evacuation and enabling effective firefighting.

Passive fire protection refers to a range of structural and architectural features, materials, and systems that are incorporated into buildings and other structures to mitigate the spread of fire and smoke. Unlike active fire protection, which involves human intervention or mechanical systems, passive fire protection works automatically and does not require any external action during a fire emergency.

Passive fire protection measures are indispensable for promoting fire safety, protecting lives, and reducing property damage. Through the use of fire-resistant materials, compartmentation, fire-rated doors and windows, and other strategies, these measures significantly enhance safety and security in various environments. Investing in passive fire protection systems is not only a legal obligation but also a responsible and proactive approach to mitigating the devastating impact of fires by prioritizing fire safety.

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