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White Ceramic Free Superwool Glazing Tape / Gasket is designed to bed the glass against the frame in fire rated windows.


Application Guide.                                                
1 – Please make sure that the surface that the tape is to be stuck to is clean, dust free and grease free.  When used in glazing, the tape can be adhered to either the glass or the frame.

2 – There is a tab at the start of the tape to ease the separation of the release paper from the self-adhesive backing, please try to leave the release paper proud from the end of the roll if you’re cutting the tape part way through a roll to ensure the self-adhesive doesn’t start to peel away from the fibrous paper as this is the weakest point.

3 – we recommend that the tape is stored in a damp free environment away from direct sunlight and used within 6 months.


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White Ceramic Free Superwool Glazing Tape / Gasket

  • Width 10mm - 610mm in increments of 1mm.

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