System 36 Glazing Gasket Plus

Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
System 36/6
Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
System 36/7
Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
System 36/10
Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
System 36/15
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System-36 Glazing Gasket PLUS are a flexible family of U-shaped intumescent gaskets designed for 30 minute fire resistant doors + screens. When using approved glass types it provides 60 minute fire resistance for doors & screens.

Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
System 36/23
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Test evidence

Fire: BS EN 1634-1: 2014.
Fire: BS 476-22: 1987.
Fire resistance provided for 30 minute
applications and 60 minute applications
with approved glass types.*


System-36/6 PLUS: 12mm x 15mm.
System-36/7 PLUS: 13mm x 15mm.
System-36/10 PLUS: 16mm x 17.5mm.
System-36/15 PLUS: 22mm x 20mm.
System-36/23 PLUS: 30mm x 22.5mm.

Standard lengths

System-36/6 PLUS: 60m coils.
System-36/7 PLUS: 60m coils.
System-36/10 PLUS: 30m coils.
System-36/15 PLUS: 30m coils.
System-36/23 PLUS: 25m coils.

Seal material

Sodium silicate intumescent.


Black with colour identification spine.

Glass thickness

Suits different thicknesses of glass from
5mm to 23mm. See individual datasheets for details.

Glass type
Please refer to Certifire certificate CF5060 for the full range of glass types.

Fitting is completely clean and dry. No
sealant, adhesive tape or wet adhesive is
required. Please consult the separate
fitting instructions.

Doors and screens.
FD30 fire doors.

Intumescent liner
Liner is required for flaxboard
substrates below 500kg/m3.
System-36/23 PLUS: No liner is required.


Certifire CF5060