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007 High Temperature Adhesive

Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
007 Adhesive

007 High Temperature Adhesive is a water based glue capable of withstanding 1000 °C in its dry form. As it is a water based glue it has a low fume emission and is user friendly yet only takes 20 minutes to initially cure in ambient temperatures. Sticky only when wet the adhesive dries to form a hard but slightly flexible bond.

007 High Temperature Adhesive offers the following benefits.

- Can be applied to either substrate which requires bonding
- Environmentally friendly
- Only a clean, dry surface is required, no need for pre-treating - One pack system
- High temperature stability up to 1000 °C
- Solvent free
- Can be applied by either brush or spray coating
- Slow drying time gives fitters ample time to relocate items to

  be bonded


- High temperature adhesive for ceramic fibre blanket, paper, board etc.

- Ideal for use in high temperature laminations
- Ideal for bonding most high temperature substrates including


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