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Kaowool Ceramic Paper 1260 Grade

Ceramic Ceramic Paper 1260 Grade Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Kaowool Ceramic paper

Kaowool Ceramic Paper 1260 Grade is manufactured from high purity refractory

fibres and designed for high temperature insulation. Advanced

production techniques ensure uniform fibre distribution and

close control of thickness and density.

Kaowool 1260 Paper is produced from Alumina-Silicate fibres

with the minimum addition of carefully selected bonds, which

burn out cleanly in service.




Refractory Ceramic Fibre Paper


The maximum continuous use temperature depends on

the application. In case of doubt, refer to your local

Thermal Ceramics distributor for advice.




• Good resistance to tearing

• High flexibility

• Low shot content

• Precise thickness

• Resistant to thermal shock

• Very low thermal conductivity




• Insulating thermal break

• Insulating gaskets

• Expansion joints

• Parting media

• Die cut gaskets for domestic appliances

• Thermal barriers for vehicles (silencers, catalytic exhausts and heat shields)

• Fire protection

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