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FastWrap XL

FastWrap XL Data Sheet
Data Sheet
FastWrap XL
FastWrap XL

FastWrap XL is a flexible blanket composed of high temperature

fibres classified for applications to 1200°C and fully encapsulated in a

durable glass fibre reinforced aluminium foil facing for easy handling and



The foil encapsulation of the blanket prevents water, moisture or grease ingress ensuring good integrity and avoiding promotion of mould growth.

The core fibres in FastWrap XL are manufactured using fibres which are an alkaline earth silicate wool with low biopersistence exonerated from carcinogenic classification under Nota Q of the European Union Directive 97/69/EC.





Thin and lightweight at 38mm thick, 96kg/m3 density

Contours easily to complex duct designs

Fully foil encapsulated for fast and clean installation

Contains 1200°C rated fibre

Good sound absorption

A1 Reaction to Fire Classification in accordance with EN 13501-1




Fire Protection of ventilation ducting for up to 2 hours in accordance with

ISO 6944, BS 476 part 24 and EN 1366-1 standards.


Sizes Available



Thickness                     Length                       Width          


 38 mm                       4800 mm                   610 mm


 38 mm                       4800 mm                  1220 mm


 38 mm                       7620 mm                    610 mm


 38 mm                       7620 mm                   1220 mm






FastWrap XL should be stored in a dry warehouse environment on pallets.

Pallets should not be stacked.

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