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Fire Rated Speaker Cover

Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Fire Rated Speaker Cover

The Fire Rated Speaker Cover FF109-FRSC is made from a compressible intumescent material which expands to form a resilient and stable char. It has been designed to help maintain the integrity of fire rated ceilings when penetrated by in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Two convenient cover sizes give the architect, audio professional, or installer more freedom in loudspeaker selection.

The sound absorbing properties of the FF109 enhance the acoustic rating of the structure for crisp and clear sound

Key Features

* 1 hour fire rated.
* Enhances acoustic protection of the  ceiling.
* Lightweight.
* Significant labour savings.
* Easy installation.
* Maintenance free.
* Can be used with any speaker manufacturer.
* Flexible material enables cover to be fitted

   around obstructions or retro-fitted.

Fire Test Approvals

Engineering Evaluations @ Intertek
ASTM E119-00a
Fire Rating – 60 mins

Model Number                                       Inside Hight                                            Outside Diameter

FF109-FRSC                                               228mm                                                         370mm

FF190-FRSCXL                                          278mm                                                         430mm

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