Fire & Smoke Resistant Letterplate

Firemaster Fire & Smoke Resistant Letterplate
Data Sheet
Firemaster Fire & Smock Restant Leterpla

The Firemaster letterplate provides in excess of 30 minutes fire resistance
and protection against cold smoke in line with BS 9999. It features a
telescopic intumescent liner, making it suitable for a range of door
thicknesses. A robust aluminium construction and nylon brush seals prevent
vision through the letterplate, whilst also providing draught proofing.

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Test evidence

* Fire: BS 476-20/22:1987.
* Smoke: BS 476-31.1:1983.
* Acoustic: BS EN ISO 717-1:2013     (up to Rw 32dB).
* Durability: 15,000 cycles.

* Can provide 30 minutes fire  resistance.

* Provides protection against cold smoke in line with
  the requirements of BS 9999:2017 and Approved
  Document B.

Overall Size
* 304mm x 70mm.
* Door thickness
* 40mm min.
* 70mm max.

Door aperture size
* 285mm x 55mm.

Seal material
* Graphite intumescent liner.

* Silver anodised, polished silver or polished gold aluminium.

Use with
* A security cowl is available to prevent vision through the
letterplate when open, and to inhibit manipulation of locks/bolts,
tampering and attack from outside.


Certifire CF219