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Heatmate Black Rope Seal & Gasket Sealant Adhesive

Heatmate Black Rope Seal & Gasket Sealant Adhesive MSDS
MSDS Sheet
Heatmate Black Rope Seal & Gasket Sealant Adhesive Data
Data Sheet

This sealant makes an excellent Rope seal in wood burner applications.

Heatmate Silicone is a high modulus reactive curing silicone sealant perfect for fixing thermal rope & tape and ceramic fibre seals to ovens, stoves and boiler doors.

It is ideal for fixing fibre rope seals to heater doors specifically stoves wood burners, boilers and range cookers.

Heat Resistant Sealant

This adhesive is easier to use than liquid adhesive, is temperature resistant up to 300?C and has excellent adhesion to most glass, metal fibre rope.

Designed for high temperature applications.

Cures quickly to reduce dirt pick up.

Remains permanently flexible.

It forms a weathertight rubber-like seal.

Ideal for sealing industrial and high performance gaskets, oven doors etc


Product Benefits

Makes Great Wood Burner Rope Seal.

Temperature resistance remains flexible at -50 to +300oC

Multitude of Industrial uses

Gasket sealant

Joints and assemblies


Metal chimneys

Industrial ovens

Domestic ovens

Heating appliances

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