Intumescent Paper

Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Intumescent Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
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Tecnofire 60852 1mm 10:1 Expansion
Tecnofire 60853 2mm 12:1 Expansion

Our intumescent paper is designed to be used in fire-resistant applications such as seals in fire-resistant doors and windows and for protection for door ironmongery.  It is also used as joint seals, to retrofit historic doors, pipe wraps, and many other applications where gap filling is a priority where it excels in providing a multi-directional stable char.


We offer two grades, 60852 which has an expansion of 10:1, and 60853 which has an expansion of 12:1, both of which are available both with and without self-adhesive backing.  We supply this material in rolls of 610mm wide and in lengths of 1meter, 5 meters, and 10 meters which makes it ideal for either using in sheet form or for cutting bespoke gaskets as the material is very flexible and easy to cut with a craft knife.


If you require narrower rolls then please refer to the intumescent tape section of our website.


As with all fire protection applications, please ensure that this product is entirely suitable for its intended purpose and that any testing required is carried out. For more information, please contact us directly.

It's available to purchase from our shop in 1 meter, 5 meter and 10 meter rolls, but other sizes are available on request.