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Intumescent Tape

Intumescent Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Intumescent Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
10:1 Expantion
12:1 Expantion
Intumescent Tape
Intumescent Tape is made from a graphite based, intumescent paper with a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper.  It can easily be adhered to most clean surface types including glass, metals and plastic laminates. The reinforcing fibres on the product are classified for thermal insulation applications up to 1000 °C. (The classification temperature is based on limited irreversible linear change within a specified time, normally 24 hours. Classification temperature is not a definition of the operational limits of the product.

Intumescent Tape offers the following benefits:-


- Medium pressure generating product which reacts to give a fibrous, stable char.

- Contains minimum combustible materials and this product has low smoke emission.

- Cut edges do not need sealing against water or atmospheric conditions.

- Simple to wrap, shape and cut.

- Speed and ease of installation.

- Glazing systems
- Protection of vertical timber surfaces
- Protection of door furniture
- Certain door and seal applications
Intumescent Tapes are available in :-
Widths of 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 & 60mm.
Thicknesses from 1.0mm to 4.0mm in increments of 1mm.

Expansion Ratio available 10:1 - 12:1
Additional widths are available on request.

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