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Kaowool Board

Kaowool Board Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Kaowool Board MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet

Kaowool Boards are produced from refractory fibre compositions specially

developed to give rigid, self-supporting boards with

excellent high temperature properties.

Board is designed for use in applications requiring higher

rigidity than blanket forms, and, as a result of its higher

density, has improved thermal insulation properties and

abrasion resistance.

Kaolin boards are obtained by vacuum forming

process. The process allows the production of white

boards in a wide dimensional choice, with an excellent

homogeneity throughout the thickness which ease

machining of the boards when needed.

Strong Board is produced by the addition of selected

refractory fillers to the ceramic fibre in order to improve its

mechanical properties. Strong Board has two times the

strength of 1260 Board, both when measured fired and



All Board formulations contain a small amount of organic

binder to improve the cold handling strength and this

burns out on first firing at approximately 200-300°C. Heat

treatment can be made to burn the organic binders on

special request.



Vacuum formed boards.




From 1260°C up to 1600°C, depending on grade.




The maximum use temperature depends on the


Kaowool Board



• Rigid, self supporting boards.

• Low thermal conductivity.

• Good abrasion resistance.

• Low heat storage.

• Resistant to thermal shock.

• Not wetted by most molten non ferrous metals,

   including aluminium.

• Good resistance to spalling.

• Can be easily cut and shaped.




Iron and steel

Expansion joints, back-up insulation, heat shields and mould base insulation.



Tundish and launder covers in the casting of copper and copper-based alloys.



Hot-face lining for kilns and in construction of LTM kiln cars.



Back-up insulation in melting furnaces and protection of burners.


Furnace building

Hot face lining material (alternative to blanket); back-up to solid refractories; expansion joints.


Light industry

Lining combustion chambers in industrial and domestic boilers.



High temperature heater lining hot-face material.

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