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Kaowool Mastic / Mastic F

Kaowool Mastic
Data Sheet


Mastic F is a mouldable form of KaowoolTM Ceramic Fibre which can be trowelled, hand moulded, or injected from a hand-held pressure gun.
Drying converts the Mastic into a strong, hard - yet light weight - insulating material which has great thermal stability up to 1000°C and can be used in some applications up to 1260°C. Resistance to cracking and spalling is excellent, and the dried material has strong adhesive properties.
Although air drying is possible, it is recommended that assisted drying be carried out below 100°C. Care must be taken to ensure that the moisture can readily escape.
Mastic remains stable when stored in its resealable container, and a shelf life of at least six months may be expected; however, precautions should be taken against freezing.

Typical applications

As a general stand-by repair medium for patching, sealing and caulking in furnaces, boilers etc. Also for the lining and repair of launders, ladles, casting heads and distributors for non-ferrous metals and the filling of cuplocks used on anchors in high temperature furnace linings.

Mastic F is supplied in
5kg & 20kg plastic containers and 300ml cartridges


Kaowool Mastic

Ceramic fibre mouldable
Maximum continuous use Temperature

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