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Plumbing / Welding  Pads

Plumbing / Welding Pads Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Plumbing / Welding MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
Plumbing / Welding Pads

Plumbing / Welding Pads consists of a high quality ceramic free felt faced with a fire retardant silica cloth, the whole composite held together with glass tape and fire retardant thread to form a sealed

envelope for the fibres.



Advantages :-


- The low thermal conductivity of the fibre, means that the heat from a brazing torch is reflected rather than transferred.


- Given a limited duration of heat the pad does not allow temperatures to be reached which are high enough to damage paper, paint or plastics on the cold surface.


- The low heat retention in the pad means that after use the pad can be moved on by hand to a new joint with minimum delay.


- The pad can be frequently wrapped around a small radius without significant loss of  integral strength.


- Time to cool after normal brazing operation approx. 20 seconds.



Approximate Dimensions :-


Thickness          -   8mm


Standard Width  -   200mm


Standard Length -   300mm


(Larger sizes available on request)

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