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It is essential for all door furniture to be fitted in a way which ensures the fire resisting properties of the door itself isn’t compromised.

Commonly, it is recommended ironmongery be embedded in intumescent mastic or paste. However, we believe that a quicker, easier, cleaner and more accurate solution is to use shaped pads of intumescent material (Mono Ammonium Phospate or MAP) commonly known as Interdens.

Interdens intumescent material is suitable for both glazing and insulation behind hinges locks and closers.

The strips are available with a self-adhesive backing in sizes below.


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1mm x 38mm x 1mtr

2mm x 10mm x 1mtr

2mm x 20mm x 1mtr


Pack size 10 pcs



Interdens is the registered trade mark of BASF Wolman GmbH.

Interdens Thermal Liner

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