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HT Mastic is a mouldable form of Superwool® HT Fibre which can
be trowelled, hand moulded, or injected from a hand held
pressure gun.
Drying converts the mastic into a strong, hard yet light weight
insulating material which has great thermal stability up to its typical
continuous use temperature. Resistance to cracking and spalling is
excellent, and the dried material has strong adhesive properties.
Although air drying is possible, it is recommended that assisted drying
be carried out below 100°C. Care must be taken to ensure that the
moisture can readily escape.
Mastic remains stable when stored in its resealable container, the shelf
life is up to 12 months under proper storage conditions – ensure to
protect from frost and hot weather.

Classification temperature (of based fibre)
1300°C (EN 1094-1)


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Superwool HT Mastic

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