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Superwool Plus & HT Board

Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
Superwool Plus & HT Board
Product Description
Superwool Boards are manufactured from market leading low biopersistent Superwool Bulk fibres, refractory fillers, organic and inorganic binders. Superwool Boards offer excellent thermal and physical performance in high-temperature applications. Superwool offers an alternative to traditional solutions due to its high refractoriness and excellent non-wetting characteristics with molten aluminum. Superwool provides stability and resistance to most types of chemical attack. Thermal and physical properties are restored after drying.
Thin boards are easily die-cut and all boards can be cut with a hacksaw blade allowing precise shapes to be made.
Good thermal shock resistance allows use in applications with large variations in temperature
Can be used in direct contact with flame
Very low thermal conductivity
Exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69 EC Applications
Molten aluminum contact
Furnace, kiln, and oven hot face linings
Flue and chimney linings
Insulation as backup to firebrick, insulating firebrick, refractory monolithics and rammed shapes.
Superwool Plus Board H is recommended when a high strength material is required•Superwool Plus Board 85 is ideally suitable for applications up to 1000°C Superwool Plus Board LTI is recommended for applications where thin, rigid insulating panels are required such as domestic boilers Superwool HT Board offers the highest classification temperature up to 1300°C Superwool HT Board C is specially designed for application up to 1000°C requiring cycling resistance and high mechanical performances as in domestic boilers.
Please refure to data sheet for further info.
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