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Superwool Prime Blanket

Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape MSDS Sheet
Info Sheet
Superwool HT Blanket

The newest evolution in our Superwool low biopersistent fibre portfolio, Superwool Prime is developed for high-performance applications with a classification temperature of 1300°C (2370°F).

Superwool Prime features physical and thermal performance equivalent or better to our market leading

Superwool Plus.

  • High-temperature capability providing increased resiliency for processes and safety of employees

  • Superior thermal conductivity: 0.28 W/m•K, 1000°C,
    128 kg/m3 (2.25 BTU•in/hr•ft2•°F @ 2000°F), 18% lower than Superwool HT

  • Excellent handleability, flexibility and tensile strength due to low shot fibre technology and chemistry

SW Prime
  • Compared to the published PDS values for Superwool HT, the thermal conductivity of Superwool Prime Blanket at 1000°C (1832°F) for

  • 128 kg/m3 (8 pcf) density, is

  • 18% better

  • This advantage increases up to 31% for 96 kg/m3 (6 pcf) density blanket and becomes significantly larger at 1200°C (2192°F)

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