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Firestop 700 Sealant

Firestop 700 Sealant MSDS
MSDS Sheet (White)
Firestop 700 Sealant MSDS
MSDS Sheet
Firestop 700 Sealant MSDS
MSDS Sheet
Firestop 700 Sealant Data
Data Sheet
Firestop 700 Sealant

FIRESTOP 700 Sealant is a low modulus, one-part, neutral curing, fire-rated silicone sealant. It has excellent unprimed adhesion to a range of common construction substrates including stone, steel, masonry, brick, wood, etc. It is ideal for weather-sealing of curtain walling, building facades and expansion joints where a fire rating is required. It is also suitable for use in penetration sealing systems where pipes and cables pass through fire rated structures.


• The sealing of expansion joints and pipe and cable penetrations in fire rated structures.
• The provision of fire rated systems where expansion joints or penetration seals are required in curtain walling,              building facades or partition walls.


• Available in White, Grey and Black
• Meets BS 476 Part 22
• Excellent unprimed adhesion to most porous and non-porous construction substrates
• Non-slump
• Joint movement capability ±50%
• Neutral cure
• Halogen-free
• Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G- 25LM
• A fire rating of up to 4 hours can be achieved
• Widely tested to many European specifications
• Tack-free in 1.5 hours
• Excellent weathering characteristics, including resistance to ozone, UV radiation and temperature extremes
• Long service life
• CE marked as a fire resistant according to ETAG 026


FIRESTOP 700 Sealant has been tested to BS 476 Part 22/1987 in expansion joint configurations, Fulmer Yarsley Test Report No. J82973/1 and SGS Test Report No. J86464/1. It also has been tested to BS.476 Part22/1987 (ISO 834) in pipe and cable penetration systems, Fulmer Yarsley

Test Report No. J82973/2. It meets

ISO 11600-F&G-25LM.

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