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Ceramic Fibre Glazing Tape / Gasket

Ceramic Glazing Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Ceramic Glazing Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
Ceramic Tape
Ceramic Fiber Glazing Tape / Gasket is made from ceramic fiber paper which has a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper for ease of handling.  It will easily adhere to most clean, dry surface types including glass, metal and plastic laminates. It is ideal for use as a bedding material for fire resistant glazing systems in commercial buildings and fire doors.

Ceramic Glazing Tape offers the following benefits :-

**  High Temperature stability (up  to 1260 °C     for paper - adhesive backing is rated at 80°C)
**  Simple to wrap, shape or cut
**  Speed and ease of installation
**  Continued flexibility without ageing
**  Colour White
Other Applications :-
**  High Temperature gaskets
**  Fire resistant gaskets for metal partitions
**  Lighting,
**  Stoves,
**  Automotive,
**  Aerospace,
**  Fire doors,
**  Curtain walling
     and many other applications

Ceramic Glazing Tape is available in :-
Thicknesses 1mm to 6mm
Widths  10mm to 610mm

Used in conjunction with the following Certifire glass types
( refer to the relevant certificate for guidance )

* AGC Glass UK - CF377
* Fireglass UK - CF5337, CF5338, CF5304 & CF5305
* Pilkington - CF5140 & CF328
* Promat UK - CF137 & CF5155
* CGI ( Pyroguard UK ) - CF257, CF581, CF5319, CF581A & CF437
* Schott - CF386 & CF862
* Vetrotech Saint-Goban - CF811A

For further information, please contact us.

Application Guide.                                                

1 – Please make sure that the surface that the tape is to be stuck to is clean, dust free and grease free.  When used in glazing, the tape can be adhered to either the glass or the frame.

2 – There is a tab at the start of the tape to ease the separation of the release paper from the self-adhesive backing, please try to leave the release paper proud from the end of the roll if you’re cutting the tape part way through a roll to ensure the self-adhesive doesn’t start to peel away from the fibrous paper as this is the weakest point.

3 – we recommend that the tape is stored in a damp free environment away from direct sunlight and used within 6 months.

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