Ceramic Fibre Glazing Tape / Gasket

Ceramic Glazing Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Ceramic Glazing Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
Ceramic Tape
Ceramic Fiber Glazing Tape / Gasket is made from ceramic fiber paper which has a self-adhesive coating and a removable backing paper for ease of handling.  It will easily adhere to most clean, dry surface types including glass, metal and plastic laminates. It is ideal for use as a bedding material for fire resistant glazing systems in commercial buildings and fire doors.

Ceramic Glazing Tape offers the following benefits :-

**  High Temperature stability (up  to 1260 °C     for paper - adhesive backing is rated at 80°C)

**  Simple to wrap, shape or cut

**  Speed and ease of installation

**  Continued flexibility without ageing

**  Colour White

Other Applications :-

**  High Temperature gaskets

**  Fire resistant gaskets for metal partitions

**  Lighting,

**  Stoves,

**  Automotive,

**  Aerospace,

**  Fire doors,

**  Curtain walling

     and many other applications

Ceramic Glazing Tape is available in :-

Thicknesses 1mm to 6mm

Widths  8mm to 610mm.

For test evidence and further information, please contact us.

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