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Ceramic Free Superwool Black Glazing Tape / Gasket

Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Ceramic Free Black Glazing Tape MSDS Sheet
MSDS Sheet
Black Glazing Tape

Ceramic Free Superwool Black Glazing Tape / Gasket is made from very high quality body soluble fibrous material, which uses long fibers with a low percentage of organic binders.  It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is easily cut to size.
Withstanding constant working temperatures of 1000deg C, its classification temperature is 1200 deg C.
It is ideal for glazing, where you would be able to see the white version through the glass.

Benefits :-


Is easily wrapped, shaped and cut

Thermal stability up to 1200ºC

Excellent flexibility

Low heat storage

Low thermal conductivity

Easily die-cut (please enquire about sheet sizes)


No Health and Safety restrictions

This tape in many instances can be directly substituted in applications where you would have used ceramic tape, but are restricted by Health & Safety legislation.

Other Applications :-
**  High Temperature gaskets
**  Fire resistant gaskets for metal partitions
**  Lighting,
**  Stoves,
**  Automotive,
**  Aerospace,
**  Fire doors,
**  Curtain walling
     and many other applications

Black Glazing Tape / Gasket is available in :-
Thicknesses 2mm to 6mm
Widths  8mm to 610mm.
For test evidence and further information, please contact us.
The tape is coated one side, with a pressure sensitive adhesive system.

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