It's all about the seal

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I was really happy how my first "blog" was accepted, thank you for all of your kind words and comments.

This time I thought I'd talk about a subject that comes up most days of the week, which is what tape/seals to fit.

We manufacture three types of tape that can be used for fire rated glazing systems

1) ceramic tape, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years,

2) a bio dispersant fibre (non-ceramic) equivalent tape that has the certification to state that the two will perform identically and

3) intumescent tapes.

It was a deliberate use of the phrase "fire-rated glazing system" , we get asked regularly which tape to use, and it's never our decision to make. Any system which has a certification from a testing house such as Exova to give a Certifire certificate will have to have been tested with everything that goes into that system and has to be used as a whole, the frame, glass, brackets, tapes, fixings etc have been tested together and none of the elements can be substituted.

The ceramic and non-ceramic tapes are mostly used in systems made from hardwood, steel and aluminium frames, using a glass-like Pyrostop, Pyrobel, Pyrobelite or Pyroshield and in some cases Georgian polished plate glass, but it is always the case that a fitter must refer to the Certifire certificate for clarification as to which materials must be used and in which combination as the certificate is very specific, even down to the maximum size of pane of glass which can be used.