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Intumescent Products

Intumescent Tape

Intumescent Tape / Gasket

Intumescent Full Log
Intumescent Paper

Lorient Intumescent Sealant

Intumescent Acoustic Sealant

Intumescent Acoustic Acrylic Sealant

System 36_edited.png

System 36 Glazing Gasket

Intumescent Fire and Smoke Door Seal

Intumescent Fire and Smoke Door Seals

Fire and Smoke Restant Leterplate
Fire & Smoke Resistant Letterplate
Socket / Switch Box Inserts

EG 30 Socket / Switch Box Inserts

Fire Rated Speaker Cover

Fire Rated Speaker Cover

Firestrip 30

Firestrip 30

Firestrip 60

Firestrip 60

Intumescent Pipe Collor

Intumescent Pipe Collar

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